Triggering workflows by API


Any news about this issue Trigger workflow through REST API

We have been waiting for this feature for ages. Now you are discontinuing Circle 1 in August but this fundamental option continues to be unavailable in Circle 2


Was this option available in Circle 1.0? I was under the impression that the API covered both 1.0 and 2.0 equally, so if something is not available for 2.0, it would not be available for either.


Workflows did not exist in V1, instead you would manage your jobs on your own. You can start a particular job using the API, but not the whole workflow. If you use workflows, starting jobs independently does not make sense


Gotcha. At the risk of making an excessively complicated workaround, could each job trigger the next one using the API?


Like @halfer said, there is a complicated workaround. CircleCI documented it here:

It works, but it creates a really messy build config. I really don’t understand why triggering workflows has
taken a year to implement.


The short answer to that question is that product development is really hard. Every week I see someone, somewhere, implying that enterprise software engineering is trivial or that company X are dragging their feet deliberately. Software engineers who’ve worked in these sorts of environments will know how tricky this is to balance correctly.

As users, we don’t get to see the backlog of stuff being worked on, nor how many devs there are, nor how much those devs cost per month, nor how much stuff being done really is more important than the thing that each of us want. I’m not arguing that CircleCI are making perfect product decisions, just that not all “essential” or “urgent” required features are necessarily essential or urgent for the big picture.

Right, that’s my philosophy for today :smile_cat:


We’re working on the API to get it launched ASAP. It’s high priority to get it launched before the end of August.


Hi @rohara,
Thank you for your feedback here. Do you have any news for the deadline? (would love to beta test your API if needed)


Latest update is it’s next up, basically.


We now have a new endpoint to trigger builds, including the workflows therein. You will need to turn on the new Build Processing feature under Advanced in your project settings to use it:


First tests worked on my end! Thank you for the update.


I think you might have some troubles with your radio buttons
I struggle with getting any confirmation on that it is triggered, because its not there

It does seem like the ajax requests are going.


I have another question.
On the jobs API you could trigger a job with a local config,, strange URL btw.

But here you could pass in the local config, without having to do a cvs push of updated file.
Is this something that can work in this scenario aswell?
Would be great for new workflow development, since caching does not work with local containers.


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