Triggering manual only and/or parameterized builds from the web UI



I have not seen any options available to ONLY trigger builds manually (not to follow pull requests in a repo). Is such an option currently available? If I was to blacklist all branches to prevent them from automatically building, would I be able to still manually kick off builds?

I’ve seen some options in the API for adding parameters to builds. Are any similar options available via the web interface currently? An example scenario for me is, I would like to be able to kick off a nightly build with an additional (extended) test suite that is only run during the nightly build. I could do this via the test override option by checking for an ENV variable to be set but the trick is getting the ENV variable passed in which does not currently seem possible via the web UI. An even more ideal scenario would be to have a saved build template which already has the necessary ENV variables set and any user on my team could select it via a drop down and manually trigger the build.

Does anyone have any hacks to enable a similar sort of work flow currently? Having the parameterized options available via the API is neat, but I dont have the resources to build out a tool just to kick off circleci. I would like to get these things working using the existing web UI.


Hi, did you come up with a solution? Seems like something that should be super simple for them to add…