Trigger workflow through REST API

Now that we’re in November, are there any updates to the timeline? @rohara
Please let us know so we can decide if we want to hook up the empty-commit method.

We’re working on it :confused:

This is critical for some of our upcoming workflows as well.

I’d recommend not moving to Workflows yet if it is crucial.

Wow… I’ve been busy getting my individual projects all working with CircleCI. I’ve used 2.0 almost exclusively for a while, as I starting using Circle about the time it was released, and did not have significant investment in 1.0.

I’m at the point where I want to promote my individual builds into a system build… and so stated searching for how to trigger a workflow… and come to find out… what!!! I can’t?

I’m having a hard time getting my mind wrapped around that actually. I read through this entire thread, and it’s quite long, and extends back > 1 year. This does not “seem” that hard… but, hey, what do I know…

Regardless of how difficult it is, it’s a pretty mission critical feature for quite a few folks here… me included.

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Just want to up-vote this.

So… any updates?
Is this something that is actively in the queue?
Is this technically possible?
Can we expect this in Q12018?? Q2??

Give us some info please…a warm fuzzy that says we will get it someday… maybe as soon as…

It’s going to happen. We are doing some interesting things that need to shake out first, but this is far from forgotten.

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Ah… thanks… I appreciate the feedback. CircleCI is getting better all the time :wink:

Update please?

The update is the same as 7 days ago. It will happen. We ran into roadblocks but we’re going to complete it as soon as we can. It will certainly help us, too.


Would this API kick off a workflow job or would there also be an API for workflow status. I have a custom dashboard that show the status of all our production builds. However, for those that use workflows I can’t get that data as their is no API for it. Hoping the released API will have this GET functionality as well.

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it would also be great if the slack integration allowed to approve steps that need approval from slack

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+1 I switched to CircleCI 2.0 recently without realizing that API to trigger build doesn’t work with it. :frowning:

Any update on this @rohara?

I’m also looking forward to that feature.

We are also looking forward to this feature.

I wish… :frowning: is a viable workaround to certain circumstances. I realize it was not yet posted in this thread.

We are actively working on a proper API so stay tuned.