Trigger different jobs from GitHub



I saw and was wondering if there is a way to trigger different jobs from GitHub?

Idea is to add multiple webhooks and then on each push/PR run multiple jobs (just like we would with defining multiple CIs) but not sure if this is doable or not?


I think you want to achieve sth. like this:

Then the answer is in this post.

One remark: On a pull request, you can’t trigger another job than the default build job yet.


Yeah, but my idea was to have multiple jobs triggered at once since then we can define on GitHub which jobs are important and which are nice to be green (like running code style checks is really not something that should mark build as failed)


Your request is similar to Parallel jobs with different base images


We are enabling first class support for running multiple jobs for CircleCI 2.0. Right now we are adding only limited number of customers. If you are interested in trying out, please reach out at with your VCS organization and repository name. Thanks!


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