Timestamps on build logs [repeat request]

This is a repeat request. Having timestamps on each line is essential for optimizing the build times. Both Jenkins and Go.CD had this feature for ever. I was advocating to switch our org to CircleCI from Traivs, I assumed you have such feature implemented. Unfortunately looks like my assumption was wrong.


Hi @vladistan thanks for posting! I don’t see another post from you but welcome to our community.

Can you tell me more about where you’re trying to see timestamps? And do you mean timestamp as in “what time/date this ran” or “how long it took to run”?

Hope we can help you out!

Here is the other post, it was not by me but by another user: Timestamps on build logs

What I am looking for is just to have a time and date on each line of the build log showing when this line was printed. Something like this Jenkins plugin below:

I’d echo this request.

Currently we’re prepending the following to various bash commands to give us line-by-line timestamps of when commands ran to help with debugging and generally give more context when reviewing build/deployment logs:

date -u +"%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"
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+1000 just now I am debugging a super long docker build step and line by line timestamps would be amazing!

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