The `workflows` section is ignored


I have the following config:

And as you can see, even though the workflows section is present in the config, the test fails with:

* Cannot find a job named `build` to run in the `jobs:` section of your configuration file.
If you expected a workflow to run, check your config contains a top-level key called 'workflows:'


Check the search widget for this error.

A few things I’d check:

  • there’s no tabs in the file (either leading or trailing)
  • copy and paste the YAML reference device in case that’s confusing the parser
  • compare your file against this small working one to see if you have got any indentation incorrect


The problem was that workflows don’t work if you push the config via the API.

It was said before: that error messages really should be more descriptive.

Also, please fix the issues with workflows, or at least update the docs to include all this caveats discussed in the forum. All of them return this unhelpful wrong error message.


You’re welcome, @surdu :roll_eyes:

I don’t work for CircleCI, so I’m not fixing anything. I think I will go for a ride on my bike. :biking_man:


Well, you’re condescending answers around this forum rarely help, the above one included.

About the fix, I was not addressing you, but the CircleCI team that I’m assuming / hoping are reading this forum …

I had hoped someone like you is not working for CircleCI.


It seems that you have understood why I gave the response I did, which in itself is a good thing. My tips above are helpful whether or not they covered the actual problem, and regardless of whether you are grateful.

I understand your reasons for wanting now to cause me a minor emotional injury: when your interlocutor criticises you for your poor conduct, and you recognise that criticism as correct, it is quite human to lash out in frustration. I do not hold it against you.

I am at risk of overstating my point, but if you want help from volunteers, then a little consideration goes a long way. Of course, that’s not merely social etiquette, it is good for you too, since it may get you an answer more quickly.

Ooh, not a bad idea! :smiley_cat:


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