The docs for 2.0 say to do something that triggers a deprecation warning



As you can see in that image, I have open in one window and it is telling me to configure AWS by setting my AWS Permissions. However I am at the AWS Permissions tab and it is saying “After August 31, 2018, these project settings will no longer be available. Please migrate to CircleCI 2.0.”

Are those settings actually being deprecated or is that warning out of place?


My understanding is that the warning it out of place, but I’ll check on this and get back to you.


We presently export the values defined in the AWS tab as environment variables. I believe we will deprecate that feature at the end of August, at which point you would want those values just stored as environment variables in the UI.


Which is it? Is the warning out of place or will that feature be deprecated? I asked an either-or question and got two different responses from two different circle employees, neither of which was definitive.

Also if that feature is going to be deprecated, shouldn’t the guide give instruction about the new and better way so I can do it that way before the feature is deprecated and things break?


It will be removed and deprecated. The documentation you linked never once references the tab you took the screenshot of.

Add your AWS access keys to CircleCI as either project environment variables or context environment variables.


Thank you for clarifying with a definitive answer.

It seems like that documentation actually got updated since I took that screenshot, since you can see in the left side of the screenshot that the instructions at the time were different than they are now.


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