The Build does not finish



I am trying to build my project ( but the build seems to get stuck on “Running org.apache.commons.csv.CSVParserTest”. The project is Maven-built with Surefire.

Test Results Tab won't show any data

Hello @courteousshaina,

Can you include a bit more information to help us to help you? An example of some useful information can be found here.

Thank you!

The stack you're using      : Java

The exact error message you are getting : Running org.apache.commons.csv.CSVParserTest

Which troubleshooting steps you've already taken : Checked the pom.xml file for build configurations.

Any recent changes either in the codebase or the stack : No
What happens when you run the tests locally : they pass
What is supposed to happen when your build runs : test results are supposed to be generated.

The build URL if the project is public :


Thanks a lot for the additional info @courteousshaina ! It looks like all of the builds were cancelled, do you have a sample where it actually failed? Could you let a build run until it actually fails?



The build keeps running. It does not finish. I even tried parallelism with four VMs and waited for hours.


Hi @courteousshaina yes, I see that. What I am saying is let it run it will eventually time out and I would love to see what is causing the time out. Its hard to see when you cancel it. Just let it run by itself without doing anything.


It has timed out with “command ((mvn “integration-test”)) took more than 120 minutes to run”.


It looks like your builds are green again. Can you share what the problem and solution were?


Any solution to this topic?I am facing the same issue


Any news at this one?


We’ve got the same problem, is there any solution?


plus 1 for a way to increase this timeout