The artifacts tab does now show up for anonymous users



But it’s still accessible if you have the exact link for a particular build.

Would be nice if you could find it too :smile:

Screenshot showing the bug


This is intended behaviour—we currently disallow unauthenticated artifact downloads. We’ll see if we can enable that in the future.

EDIT: I was wrong :slight_smile: We do allow unauthenticated access. Sorry for the confusion.


This is still an issue, and it’s kinda hilarious. If you open Incognito and go to a build page for any public project (mine, for example), the “Artifacts” tab isn’t visible, but if you go to the URL bar and append #artifacts, boom! Links to the artifacts show up!

Bonus: from Incognito, you can also open the URL to the JSON API to get the links to the artifacts, like this one, to continue the example above.


Sorry if this isn’t a good place to ask this, but it seemed like a relevant topic.

Do you think it’d be against the “proper usage” of CircleCI to link directly to build artifacts as a way to distribute development builds? Since anonymous users can access build artifacts, this might mean for example linking to$CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS/Project.jar.

Having a way to distribute edge-builds for those who want them would be quite helpful, especially if integrated into an existing system like CircleCI.


I think it would be better to deploy the files you want to share to GitHub as a release, using something similar to

For example, I use the following:

- ./ghr -u drazisil -r fb-adb --replace v2.0.0-raw build/fb-adb

The--replace overwrites the older release with that tag, so will always stay current.