Testing Packer Templates - building Docker images


I have several Packer templates that I want to put under CI which leverage the Docker builder. (https://www.packer.io/docs/builders/docker.html)

To get this to work, I’m planning to build a Docker image with an installation of Packer and Docker

The implications is that I would be running Docker inside of Docker since the Docker builder requires the a running Docker Daemon

Is this supported in CircleCI 2.0 job space for the Docker executor?

(I’ve been testing this locally, and it seems I would be calling docker run --privileged my_image packer build -only=docker template.json in the primary container) Would like a heads up and advice before I go down this route. Thanks!


The container would run in the remote environment so it should be fine as long as you’re not mounting volumes.


Great, thank you for your prompt responses!


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