Testing on multiple countries



Web application could behave differently depending on customer location

Those application parts could change

  • language displayed
  • currency (for payment platforms)

It could be useful to test differents behavior based on customer location

It could be :

  • a VPN connection (in order that the customer has a localized IP)
  • a cookie injection

I thing the VPN connection is the top solution


This can all be done within a build. You can set/fake a time, currency, language, and other locale properties.

The only thing that would be difficult to fake would be the routes IP traffic might take from geographically distant hosts.



Thanks for reply.

Effectively, I can fake all those data (except IP).

But as you say

such a thing could be difficult, but in my point of view, it’s the best solution to test with real use cases (case taking count of false positive).