Test Summary not working even with existing directory in store_test_results



We have the below step to run test and should be stored on the test_results

- run:
      name: Gradle test
      command: cd ~/ut/idea && ./gradlew test --no-daemon
- store_test_results:
      path: idea/build/test-results

Note that this idea/build/test-results directory exists as shown in the below logs on CircleCI

Archiving the following test results to s3://circle-production-customer-artifacts/picard/5248e246f7d08c12e0b430a8/598abb1fc9e77c00012ca745-0-build/raw-test-results

  • /home/circleci/ut/idea/build/test-results


Here is the link to the build: https://circleci.com/gh/UTBox/ut/779

Currently it is showing that we need to set up Test Summary.


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