Test run failure spinning up environment (but build passes)


Hi, not sure where the best place to report this is but recently (starting last week), we’ve been noticing a small percentage of builds failing during the “Spin Up Environment” phase but the build continues, tests pass, artifacts get uploaded etc. Its not critical but it is a bit annoying as a false negative delays being able to merge code.

Happy to provide a link to a sample of this happening (as of a few minutes ago) if anyone would like to look into this further.


We definitely want to take a look. Can you send me that most recent build?


We have the same issue as well with the machine executor. The “Spin up Environment” step takes 7+ minutes and results in a failed state, but the container continues to the rest of the steps.

@rohara, do you have a status on this issue?


This thread was over a month ago. You should link me to what you mean.


FWIW this resolved itself (or perhaps was resolved by someone) relatively quickly and we haven’t experienced this issue in quite a while now.