Test results not detected


We’re still experiencing issues with this. Using pytest and uploading tests with store_test_results, the UI still just says “Set up Test Summary”, with a link to the 1.0 docs.

Test result report not detected

Does the output of your tests have timing data in it?


Hi! It seems there was an error from our side!

We needed to use the 2.0 command type store_test_results.

Here’s the diff that made our test storage begin to work:

-      - type: shell
-        command: py.test --junitxml=pytest-report.xml
-      - type: test-results-store
-        path: pytest-report.xml
-        destination: pytest/pytest-report.xml
+      - run:
+          command: py.test --junitxml=/reports/pytest/pytest-report.xml
+      - store_test_results:
+          path: /reports


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