Test results accumulating for rebuilds



first of all - kudos for the great work with 2.0, I’m loving the layer caching!

We’re using the test-results-store step in our config (docker executor, remote docker setup, reusable environment) and it seems the test results are accumulating for rebuilds over the same commit.

The step output includes a path that looks like this:

Hash-1 doesn’t seem to change over time. Hash-2 is identical to the one in CIRCLE_ENV, and only seems to change with the next commit. Thus if I re-run the same build, I can see the test results from the past build, too.

Is this intended or there something I’m missing/configuring wrong?



This sounds like intended functionality. Is it causing any problems?


It’s just the test results accumulate so technically they don’t have to be related to that particular build but multiple builds.

Two scenarios come to mind:

  • flaky tests - if a build fails and then succeeds after re-running, you’ll see the results for both builds at your most recent build
  • development branch - amended commits and force pushing

I searched some more and noticed this feature request: Path and environment variables for test-results-store. I think we could use this to separate the build results further…


My assumption on the hash-2 changing with a new commit was incorrect, I’ve just pushed a new commit to my branch and the CIRCLE_ENV var changed to one of its historic values, thus showing irrelevant results.


Can you link me to where you’re seeing that? I can open up a bug report internally.


My apologies, the test results were actually accumulating because I persisted the data container volumes on the host (primary container), like so:


  • /tmp/junit:/appdata/junit

Once I removed the host part of the volume definition, the old data stopped appearing in my test results.

Interestingly enough, prior to running any build/tests, I was calling docker container prune and docker volume prune which both claimed to reallocate some free space but still left files dangling…

Anyway, sorry to cause panic!


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