Test result report not detected



I have an issue with the store_test_results step, i am currently using pytest with –junitxml=path/to/file option as i was doing with Circle 1.0. Moving using $CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS worked, but now with the equivalent step, results does not display. I discovered that a directory was expected, so i moved the created file into a test-report directory, which then was sent using store_test_results step.

Although test stats are not showing up into the web UI.

Here is a working exemple of this phenomenon : https://circleci.com/gh/Faylixe/screenflow/136


Exactly the same issue with Ruby, RSpec, and rspec_junit_formatter - this is a recent issue, results displayed correctly a couple of days ago.

Store_test_results not working (Circle 2.0)

I confirm the same issue – all our builds stopped reporting XUnit results even though this part was not changed. Step with uploading test results succeeds but there is no test summary any longer :frowning:


I opened a bug ticket about this. We’re definitely looking to get it resolved ASAP, I just don’t know if it’s “next” on the agenda.


Also having this problem with karma test results


The underlying issue of this thread is fixed. Karma results should work; just make sure your XML has timing data and you are uploading it at the end of the build.


Thanks… All good now.


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What about mocha? For me the test results are not uploaded…


Facing the same issue here!