Test profiles


Can we have an option to link circleci tests to a profile?

So if you were to click on my profile, you would see a link to https://circleci.com/gh/drazisil if I’d chose to enable that feature?

I think it would be helpful when peer troubleshooting because then we can go see the errors (if it’s a public repo) and help the community see what others are up to and possibly help/get inspired.


Thank you for your suggestion—we’ll see if we can make that happen.


Here’s a bookmarklet in the meanwhile :smile:

Use on Discuss profile page:


Seems Discourse dislikes bookmarklets, so will have to assemble it yourself :frowning:


@frank CircleCI Discourse plugin? :smiley:


Well, if a plugin then it needs to go back on the profile popup as well. I wasn’t about to do dom injection on you, that tends to scare away the users when I break out THAT code lol