Test Metadata: Twisted Trial


Not sure if it HAS metadata, but it’s based off python’s unittest.

Is adding support for Twisted Trial be useful?



JUnit-style XML is a de-facto standard for producing test metadata, so we would ask you to see if you can produce that with your test runner.



Got this working, thank you for the tip.

The code for others who might be interested:

Install python-subunit && junitxml (I used pip)


    - mkdir -p $CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS/junit
    - trial --reporter=subunit p2pool | subunit-1to2  | subunit2junitxml --no-passthrough --output-to=$CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS/junit/results.xml

Credit to https://oxygene.sk/2012/10/twisted-trial-and-jenkins/ and https://stackoverflow.com/a/16866230/335583


Thanks a lot for sharing this!