Switching to paid container?

hi I’m building android app and running UI automation tests. With current free linux container
I see build ofter times out. I wonder if you have better hardware/VM in paid linux containers ?
I would consider switching to paid container if I see better performance/faster builds.

This is what I get from circleci.

command ./gradlew connectedUitestDebugAndroidTest --console=plain took more than 10 minutes since last output

same command works fine on my local machine, and was working before on circleci before I added UI automation with emulator

Free containers use the same resources as paid containers. CI build environments are unlikely to be as fast as a local developer laptop.

You can increase the timeout modifier on that command to get the build passing. More details here: https://circleci.com/docs/configuration/#modifiers (Maximum value is 7200 seconds)

Thanks for suggestion. I think problem with timeouts is caused by android emulator being run in ‘armv7’ mode
instead of ‘x86’. Emulating armv on x86 is very expensive. Why are you not supporting x86 emulator images for Android ?

From the docs “The Android emulator requires KVM on Linux, and we can’t provide it.”

This is actually a limitation with Amazon AWS, as explained here:

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Are there any updates on this? I would like to install minikube on circleci and test my k8s templates.

This is a limit of Amazon. We have no control over it and therefore there is no change.