Switch to Golang 1.6 for builds



It looks like the build system still uses Go 1.5 however Go 1.6 has been out for a while now. I really appreciate if you could update your build system to Go 1.6.


Builds are consistently failing due to language differences in local (1.6), ci (1.5), and prod (1.6).

Therefore circle is not a useful piece in our pipeline at the moment.

It would be nice to know if there were plans for this.


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Builds are consistently failing due to language differences in local (1.6), ci (1.5), and prod (1.6).[/quote]
You can manually install 1.6 to work around this limitation. Example:

    GODIST: "go1.6.linux-amd64.tar.gz"
    - mkdir -p download
    - test -e download/$GODIST || curl -o download/$GODIST https://storage.googleapis.com/golang/$GODIST
    - sudo rm -rf /usr/local/go
    - sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf download/$GODIST

    - ~/download


Thanks, but 1.6 has been out for over a month and a half. I realize Go is not one of the supported languages (but Haskell is…?), but it would be nice if it was kept up-to-date in the container image.


It would be great if CircleCI officially adopted gimme for choosing the version of Go to test with. That way CircleCI users would have access to Go 1.6 now (rather than 1.5.3), as well as tip and betas. Users can choose any version they want, and it’s open source so it’s easy to add new betas to gimme when they come out.

It is possible to manually install Go or manually install gimme to install Go, but it would be so much easier if it had first class support.


This is one of a few ways that Travis CI is ahead of CircleCI.


+1 lets get go versions official so we can test more across a matrix. This is ridiculous.


I would also like to use go 1.6. Support for gimme would be neat.


+1 for ability to specify Golang version in circle.yml like you can for other supported languages: https://circleci.com/docs/build-image-precise/


We have installed Go 1.6 on our Trusty image. You can follow any new image updates under Build Image section of our docs. Please add a feature request if you would like us to support any other version.



Version: 1.6


Cool, thanks! Is it possible to define which build image to use in circle.yml instead of project settings?


+1 for allow choosing golang from git master since go team always asks to test your code on their bleeding edge runtime before they do the release.


That sounds pretty interesting. As this topic is about 1.6 and is now solved, I’d suggest creating a new feature request specifically for what you mentioned.