Support Linux, Xcode ... in one project


In a single project you should be able to target different systems such as Linux, Xcode, iOS and Android. Probably the simplest would be to allow multiple yaml files each with a different name. Of course it would then be nice to have an “import” statement so common sections could be shared.

iOS and Android project under same git repository

Thank you for your suggestion. Are you using a framework that allows you to share code between the applications on various platforms? If so, which framework is that? Thanks.


Michael Contento created circleci-matrix and I’ve made some contributations. The immediate problem is he has circle.yml setup to do xcode builds, but xcode isn’t enabled on my account so it doesn’t work. Of course I maybe able to get access to xcode code but that’s only a bandaid as I want to be able use circleci to test on multiple “machine” configurations.

In particular I’m starting a project, sadie, which is a runtime/framework that will run on multiple “machines”.

At the moment the solution it appears that the solution is to do what Michael has done and travis-ci for one machine target and circleci for now, but that seems like a lame solution.


Unfortunately we cannot offer anything radically better than that right now. Sorry about that! We’ll definitely have your suggestion in mind for the future improvements.


Sad, hard to believe this isn’t more important.


I have a similar requirement. I am using react-native in a single project that includes Android and iOS codebases that share code. It’s unfortunate there is no way to test both android and ios code in the same project. I think you’ll find that there is going to be a lot more demand for this feature in the coming months.


I am also using React Native in a single repo. We have managed to get it working in a mac container by downloading the Android SDK during setup (which is time consuming).

Could you at least provide an Android SDK to use on Mac builds.

Ideally we could run two builds in parallel, Android (Linux) & iOS (Mac).


I’d also find this useful. It’s not so much Xcode that I need, but a MacOS build. The repository is filled with test suites which need to pass on both MacOS and Linux.


Be sure to click on the heart under the OP to add your official support for this feature request!


Be sure to click on the heart under the OP to add your official support for this feature request!


Similar request with proposed solution - Multiple YAML files for cross-platform projects and easier test matrix configuration


I’m currently working on a cross-platform library and would definitely benefit from this feature. In the meantime I’ll have to run my Linux builds on Travis. I’m already using appveyor for my Windows builds.