Support for Multiple OSs


Is there any way to have part of my build run on OS X and part of my build run on Linux?

Travis-ci supports this: using built matrices, but there is currently no native build matrices for circle-ci: Build matrix.

This feature is of interest for me when building a react-native project. I would like to build / run the IOS app on OSX, and the the Android part on Linux. Ideally I would also run any pure JS tests on Linux.

Multiple YAML files for cross-platform projects and easier test matrix configuration
Building both ios and android with cordova

We are interested in this feature as well, particularly because time on the OS X containers is rationed so we would prefer to avoid spending OS X minutes on Android builds.


We need this for a Swift project that must run on Linux and OSX. It’s a deal breaker.


I would love to be able to choose OS for each branch maybe, to run cucumber tests.
we use linux containers to run a headless chrome/firefox, and I’d like to use an OSX container to run the iOS simulator and test on mobile safari.
the repository is the same, the only difference would be configuration (env var is enough), to start Appium on the OSX container (which will start the Simulator).


I think this would be a good idea to run code-push builds under linux and only device native builds on iOS as well.


Also very interested in this… mostly to build, test & deploy react native Android app



I think that the current implementation is just implementing “multiple-platforms” and not “multiple-oss”.
For example I do need to test on two different blends of Linux: Debian/Ubuntu and RedHat/Centos/Fedora at the same time.
Ideally we would be able to specify the blend on which we would want to run.


You can now run both Android and iOS builds with a single push on CircleCI. If you are interested in trying it out, please reach out at


We have launched CircleCI 2.0 for macOS Below, please find the docs to migrate your project from 1.0 to 2.0.