Support Docker versions newer than v1.9.1


Another +1


+1, got error building docker images with current docker version


There’s a lot of us that are moving full speed ahead to Docker. We love CircleCI, but its Docker feature support and performance have been solely lacking. These two features requests may not be easy, but they would alleviate any need to consider alternate build platforms.

  1. Under the services block of circle.yml, please support both docker_stable and docker_latest instead of just “docker”. As it is, if I want to use the latest build of docker I have to search the discussions for a few minutes and look for the latest S3 URL to pre-install docker on the machine. This is inefficient and a waste of time. I would love to be able to use the latest version of docker because I want to enable simultaneous layer uploads. My builds currently take 23 minutes, and 6 minutes of those are spent uploading the docker image to AWS ECR. Simultaneous layer uploading could decrease this time.

  2. Please have MUCH BETTER support for docker layer caching. Feel free to charge us if it requires dedicated hosts. It takes a solid 10 minutes longer to perform builds after I dockerized our environment. I suspect much of this time could be decreased by better layer caching.

A customer who is very frustrated with CircleCI’s support of Docker,
Elijah Chancey


Is there any ETA on Docker being updated to 1.12 in circleCI anytime soon?


bump. We’d really like to have this too.



Would love to get some status here.


Can we have a timeline?


… update … where is the docker update…


This is not an ETA like I know many of you want, but to answer the question of, “What is CircleCI doing about supporting Docker v1.10+”, we now have an announcement for things to come:


It’s almost 2017 now, any update on a newer version of docker? or a workable fix for docker exec.


Same here, wonder how to at least get 1.12 running in CircleCI? Manual upgrade inside the circle.yml?

Edit: Seems you can at least go from 1.9 to 1.10 with the following configuration:

    - curl -sSL | bash -s -- 1.10.0


Another shameless +1. We applied for the circle ci 2.0 beta and I hope we get it.


Thanks for your patience with this everyone.

The private beta of CircleCI 2.0 is being rapidly rolled out to people who apply here:

This will allow you to specify the Docker version you want.

Open beta will follow as soon as we’re ready. Please subscribe to our Announcements to be notified when it’s available.


You can side load docker by adding the follwoing. Remember to remove docker from services list if you have it.

    - curl -fsSLO && sudo tar --strip-components=1 -xvzf docker-1.13.1.tgz -C /usr/local/bin
    - sudo container=yes docker daemon: { background: true }


+1 to this thread and also want to request for native image caching rather than having to save images as tars like current documentation states.


CircleCI 2.0 is now in Beta and you can start building on our latest platform by signing up at

2.0 provides native docker support, faster build performance and greater environment control.

Supporting Docker builds is one hack over the other with 2.0

This will be how we’re going to support newer Docker versions going forward.

Cache docker images that are pulled from a repository
Cache docker images that are pulled from a repository
Supporting Docker builds is one hack over the other with 2.0

Docker builds have major performance issues with CircleCI 2.0 (basically caching doesn’t work reliably), so how can this be the suggested solution?


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