Support Docker versions newer than v1.9.1


This feature request is being created to consolidate the several individual topics created for various versions of Docker. This will be the single topic to track newer Docker Engine support.

Docker 1.12 availability
Request Docker 1.12
Please treat Docker as a first class citizen
Requesting Docker 1.11

Previous Docker versions all have caching broken, this was supposedly fixed with 1.12? No?


Possibly. Something we can look into. First we need to wait for Docker 1.12 to actually be released.


Well. That, is true. :slight_smile:

While you can wait for it to be released, just note that Docker for Mac/Windows makes running Docker significantly easier for most people. And it’s on 1.12 as the default … which is RC4 as of 5 minutes ago.

It could be possibly be a skunkworks project in the mean time … seeing as there’s no CI who’s really doing Docker well, IMO.

Might save time from release (then) to CircleCI implement.

I’ll leave you guys to it.


Docker 1.12.0 is GA now - any plans for CircleCI to include this? Would also be nice to get a recent version of docker-compose (1.8.0 is latest).

We’re using Docker 1.11 in production (1.12 soon) and it’s really frustrating to not be able to take advantage of new features because CircleCI doesn’t support them!


Any update on this?


This would be helpful. +1


Yes, hopefully it will also solve the Docker Exec problem:


Displaying my interest in getting Docker 1.12 on Circle CI.
Currently unable to provide HEALTHCHECK in Dockerfiles - instead they result in an error, which causes the deployment to fail:

Unknown instruction: HEALTHCHECK


@CircleCI-Employees can we have an update on this? Broken cache on docker really makes things awfully slow


This would be useful. +1


+1 I would really like to see Docker 1.12 support as well. I also hope it fixes the layer caching issue?


@CircleCI-Employees - can someone please weigh in on this? Having Docker 1.8 by default is ridiculous at this point.

Not that it’s a solution, but an alternative is to use TravisCI - they currently have Docker 1.12 installed by default.


The good news is this is under active work on our end. In the coming weeks we’ll be making announcements about the specifics and making a pre-release of some new features available that will solve the underlying challenges with our current Docker support. We are acutely aware that what we have out of the box today is increasingly dated, and we’re looking forward to getting our new hotness into your hands. Stay tuned…

In the mean time, if your team would want to be part of our pre-release test (with all the shortcomings of such pre-launch services) please get in touch using to be added to the list. Send your github username, and tell us a bit about your project and what you’re doing with Docker in your builds.


Awesome! This is the only thing stopping us from dropping Jenkins and going into production with CircleCI at present.

Any timeline on full Docker 1.12 support?


This bit me in the most trivial way: I set up my own private registry running the latest Docker, and I run the same version at home. All my tests for deployment went well, but I got bit by the docker login command having deprecated the email field in my tests but not yet on CircleCI.

It would be nice to be able to request a particular version via an environment variable. That would allow those who don’t have strong preferences to use something stable, while those who are adventurous (or impatient) will be able to move fast and break things. Free beta testers for the next version! :slight_smile:


Any updates on this?


Docker 1.11 was released a couple of days ago. Could we get this in our build environments like how we could get 1.10?




This might help restore caching between builds which is a really big deal.


I’d like to see this as well, I’m currently evaluating CircleCI with docker support and unfortunately I’m running into issues with

Error removing intermediate container baa7dd44fd9a: rmdriverfs: Driver btrfs failed to remove root filesystem baa7dd44fd9a9878f3a254f6cdd87602990f02a48f7bd832264a19eeabf7b06f: Failed to destroy btrfs snapshot /var/lib/docker/btrfs/subvolumes for ee8bb5a0b0155847b12a9ee44abad029129e89bae2fb03ebea179827efb0ff6d: operation not permitted

Wondering if the newer version might as well help resolve this issue. This unfortunately has me blocked from being able to evaluate integration with ECS.