Support cancel redundant build per branch



Would it be possible to allow users to set redundant branches as a list of strings or similar?

We are currently deploying a couple of branches, and canceling the build breaks the deploy step.

At the moment only default branch (master?) does not get cancelled.

Illustration of the setting I am talking about..

It seems to affect BitBucket, too?


This is, for the projects I’m doing, a very wanted feature. I can’t enable the auto-cancelling right now because we have two branches that are auto-deployed, and stopping in the middle of deployment could cause serious issues. Perhaps even just not allowing the cancelling of redundant builds (or even any builds at all) during the deployment step would solve this issue?


This is the exact case for us too. Cancelling in middle of a deployment step either causes inconsistent build statuses or inconsistent deployments. I don’t think canceling a step with side effects should be allowed - or should be possible to toggle off.