Support cache in local builds



Without this, running locally is actually much slower than pushing builds and using CircleCI’s infra for our project(s). Hundreds of megs of gradle + npm dependencies are slow to download locally.

Is there a “good enough” solution that would be fast for y’all to implement? I.E. just place the cache in /tmp/key-name? Would be big for me testing locally and trying to convert to CircleCI2 (and likely in the future for your new users trying to use the product for the first time).


You can mount a directory with the same -v flag that Docker supports.


circleci build -v '/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock'


Since the gradle/maven caches are in the homedir of the docker user, how would I mount that such that it would work?



Mount all the volumes you need in the places you need them