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I’m trying to install brew on ubuntu machine, but it asks me sudo password. According to the docs I found, it shouldn’t.

ubuntu@box1348:~ ruby -e "(curl -fsSL"
==> Select the Linuxbrew installation directory

  • Enter your password to install to /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew (recommended)
  • Press Control-D to install to /home/ubuntu/.linuxbrew
  • Press Control-C to cancel installation
    [sudo] password for ubuntu:

I’m trying to install node via brew. Curently on circle’s ubuntu node and npm are outdated and I can’t install appium because of that.

Could you please help here?

Re: SUDO Password Home Linuxbrew <- Found Fix Yay!

You can try prefixing the entire command with sudo however whether you need a password or not is based on what Docker image you are using.

Really, you probably shouldn’t be doing this at all and simply use the Node Docker image for the version you want.


when I try with sudo prefix, then I get: "Don’t run this as root!"
our idea is to build with appium tests. for that I need to prepare circle.yml with all required commands to install .
I didn’t really get the idea of your last comment about Node Docker. Is there any example (doc). thanks in advance


Well are you using CircleCI 2.0 or 1.0? This post was made in the 2.0 category yet you’re referring to circle.yml which is for 1.0.


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