Status badges for skipped builds show as failed

I searched about this on google and this forum, but I didn’t find anything specifically about skipped builds.

My workflow that runs on every commit on the master branch automatically bumps the project version, and to avoid infinite loop I am using commit messages containing “[ci skip]”.

But the badge always shows as “Failed”. I am thinking this is related to the latest build on master branch always be a skipped one.

Is this the correct behavior or am I doing something wrong?


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Possible duplicates:

That said, I wonder if your CI skip message makes this a bug Circle have not seen yet?

Hi @halfer

Thanks for the help.

I actually ended up changing the logic on how to skip the CI and I am no longer using the “[ci skip”] message.

For anyone interested in the solution, you can find it in this two commits


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This is a problem for us. If using [ci skip] the status badge shows as failed. Any workaround from Circle team?

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For us we are using lerna to publish in CI and it will create a commit.

We don’t want o waste extra resources thus using the [ci skip] tag.

This seems to be a circle ci issue.

Same here. builds skipped with [skip ci] show failed status badge.

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Is there any resolution to this? I am experiencing this because I have gh-pages and use [skip ci] for the message and it skips. But still says build is failing even though I am using master for the status. I’m surprised CircleCi hasn’t been active on this discussion. Seems like an obvious bug that could be fixed quickly.

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I wonder if using the API would fix this - perhaps that gets an accurate reading of the build status? I know it is not ideal, but working now is better than waiting for a bugfix :slight_smile:

Any update? It is impacting us

Same issue here. Skipped builds are causing our master branch badges to show as failed. I’m guessing there has been no progress on this one?

Same issue here. I must say it doesn’t make a lot of sense to show skipped builds as failed. If it showed as skipped it would at least be understandable, but using your CI to commit back changelogs or updated package.json files after a new release is a pretty common pattern. Everyone using semantic release is doing this. Does anyone have a workaround, or do we just not get to use build status badges if we want to skip builds?

Any news on this?