SSH to Local Build


How can I SSH into a local build?


local build ? if it’s local ( on your computer ) you dont have to connect to anything in SSH.
If you meant the distant build by circle ci, there’s an option to build with SSH


This question is about Circle 2.0, which means that the build is happening in a Docker container. I’d like to get access to the container that circleci build sets up.


Well that’s not a local build though if you build on a distant Docker container :wink:

In the circle ci ui, you have an option to rebuild. It’s a dropdown, that let’s you choose " Rebuild with SSH " and it will provides the command line you need to run in order to SSH in the container


I’m not running on a distant Docker container. On my computer I run the command circleci build which spins up docker containers on the laptop I am using. I’m not using the “Rebuild with SSH” option on because I don’t want to hold up the queue for others.

My question is how do I achieve “Rebuild with SSH” option when I run the command circleci build on my own machine.



This feature isn’t supported in the Local CLI. You’ll need to rebuild with SSH from the CircleCI webapp.