SSH keys do not work after migrating to 2.0



When cloning a private repo in my CircleCI 1 circle.yml, I have no problems and my build and tests complete successfully.

When running this with CircleCI 2.0 using the .circleci/config.yml my build fails however.

The line causing the problem is this:

pip install -U git+

It fails with the message:

Cloning (to integration) to /tmp/pip-lkq3cou2-build
Username for '': fatal: could not read Username for '': No such file or directory

Following other posts in here I’ve tried using add_ssh_keys, both with no arguments as well as the fingerprints argument (pasted with the ssh key in our project settings). We’re at a bit of a loss what to do, as it works in 1.0 but when using the new yml and building with 2.0 we get this strange permissions/key problem. If we go back to 1.0, it builds successfully again.

Thanks for any help!


This could be related (contains possible solution):


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