SSH debugging?


Is this something we can configure in our docker images?


Not at this time.


This is making it seriously difficult to figure out why my integration tests fail immediately when run on circle (while passing when run locally on the identical docker image) :frowning: Is this planned for the future?


Yes, SSH debugging is planned for the future.


@pagameba please feel free to post about your specific integration test failures in this forum. Also feel free to DM Ryan or myself with build details, which we can attach to the posts (for only moderators to view). Part of our goal with this beta is to suss out common issues. We’re trying to build this platform out lean, but we don’t want to make it any harder than it needs to be.


I have it sorted now, turned out to be permissions on log files which was only an issue for the integration tests hitting the web server (unit and persistence tests were doing fine) and only after I started attaching a volume to export the logs as build artifacts. This was super painful as it took me most of 2 days of pushing minor changes trying to figure out why the tests were failing. Pretty sure if I had been able to ssh in, I would have been able to identify the problem much more quickly. Also, if I was smarter … but that’s another problem :wink:


I agree that SSH debugging is critical. It would save a lot of us a lot of time. Hopefully we see it in the coming weeks :slight_smile:


In the absence of ssh debugging, would it be possible to provide an image that we could download and develop against locally?

Edit: Ignore the above, I just found Local Builds in CircleCI 2.0


Hi :slight_smile: any news regarding SSH debugging?


Not at this time.


I wanted to update you all that we are actively planning to implement SSH Debugging in 2.0.

I will have more updates in coming weeks.

Thank you for your patience.


That’s good to hear @anon30319619
do you have any idea how long this will be? its currently hampering our ability to resolve problems


Noted @kiyanwang

Our engineering team is working on this functionality at this moment. We will have an update soon.

Any updates on "Build with SHH" for debugging?
Ssh access into build?

We have now enabled Rebuild with SSH option for builds running on 2.0 Platform.