SSH between machines


We’re running python tests across containers, all of which generate coverage reports. In 1.0, I used to copy all coverage files to the first container and then run coverage combine there.

Does 2.0 support moving files between containers?


+1 for this feature to SSH between the parallel build containers.
In CircleCI there was an option for that

Our use case is the same: we generate deb & rpm packages for 4 distros in parallel containers (running 1 distro build on each container) and then rsync results to the node0 for the final deployment step.

Also other people are struggling:

Please backport this useful CircleCI 1.0 feature to 2.0! Thanks!


I don’t have an answer for this feature specifically nor when/if it would happen, but I do have an alternative.

For scenarios like @armab’s, you can use artifact sharing in Workflows do make all of the generated packages available in a final deploy step:

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