SSH access to other nodes



With the recent announcement that we are being forced off of CircleCI 1.0 to 2.0 in 6 months, I want to make sure to point out a few missing features that are currently preventing/making it difficult for us to migrate to 2.0.

This one is about the lacking support to SSH into the other nodes in a parallel build. We have scripts setup so we can combine all of our code-coverage reports into one single report. However that does not work any longer in 2.0 due to the inability to ssh into or otherwise access the filesystem of the other nodes.

This was referenced here earlier last year.


I’ve not had to do this, but if I were looking at this, I’d see what I could do with the existing facilities. I doubt SSH access to other nodes would be done, since I’d expect machines to be firewalled away from each other for sec reasons.

An approach in a similar vein would be to scp out to your own server, but I wouldn’t do it that way either - feels brittle. I would use the build artifacts facility to declare files as output, and then use the API in a post-parallel-test build to fetch the artifacts and stitch them together.