Sorting of the branch column


Is there some logic by which the branches on the left side are sorted? Currently it is not logical in any way I can think of. It would be great that latest updated branch would be on top.
Also one improvement, not so critical though, would be an option to hide branches.


Alphabetical, I believe. I set it to recent myself :smile: (little down arrow at the top where it says repo)


Recent does not show all (my) branches, eventhough I would select “All”. And “Repo” will show them just randomly, so something needs to be done :smiley:


In the new UI, we sort the branches in the sidebar by the last build time. Are you seeing different behaviour there? Thanks.


When sorting by “Repo” it doesn’t sort by last build time within the repos:

That would be a great first improvement as sorting by “Recent” isn’t very user friendly if you manage many different repost at the same time.

Would also love to see an option to hide branches from the list.


It would also be great to be able to pin branches. Things like “master”, “staging” that you would maybe want to stick to the top.