Sortable insights



The new insights feature looks amazing!

One thing i’d love is it to be sorted with most recent builds on top

This way my older projects are out of the way and i can focus on my current attention-worm(s)

(I still havent figured out the sort order for the main left-hand project list, it seems to change around every so often)

Maybe related to Allow ordering/sorting of my projects


Thank you very much for your feedback! Passing it on to our product team.


Sorting would be cool, one step better would be allowing you specify which repos are shown on the insights tab via the query string. After using CircleCi for a few years I’m following dozens of projects – I want to have different Insights Tabs for different things eg. repos with Nightly builds, front end repos etc.

No need to build any UI, just add support for a few query string parameters and I’ll create them / bookmark them myself!


Query String Parameters in Insights