Some jobs spend a lot of time in "Spin up environment"



Since yesterday we’re seeing some random jobs spending a lot of time to spin up environment. See this workflow, for example:

The “processes” job spent 18min on that step, but the “pages” one spent 1:30min for it. Config file is similar to both jobs, both use the same base Docker image. The “accountability” one is taking >25min and has not finished that step at the moment of writing this. Yesterday, this particular build took 45min on that same step:

Is this a problem of my configuration? Did you get any other report for this problem? :confused:



Update: the “accountability” job on was running for over 36minutes, stuck on the “Spin up project” step, before I canceled it. I rebuilt the workflow running only failed jobs:

The “Spin up env” step took only 0:37 minutes.

Any idea on why this is happening? Thanks!


Seeing the same on a few of our (private) jobs too.


+1 my builds are totally stuck at pulling large android ndk base image


We see this problem too. We have had between 8 to 24 minutes in spin up today on deployment workflows.


The problem seems to be with Dockerhub


Oh yes, pulling is faster now and the issue on Status Docker is marked as resolved.

Thanks for the feedback!


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