Slack notifications on builds are not going through



Since last night we stopped receiving Slack notifications on builds. When I check the project settings and click “Test” I get the message into slack

Hello from CircleCI

But build status is not reported.


This applies both for 2.0 and 1.0 builds we have. I can share build links if needed, since all our repos are private. Some notifications come through: like 1 out of last 20 builds :slight_smile:


If you want to send me some example builds, I will definitely file a bug report with them.


Out of 13 projects we had builds today for 5 or 6. Only couple of builds got through.
Examples from most recent which didn’t make it: app-api#233, app-api#232, app#87, jobs#146, jobs#145.
In the same time app#83 worked…


Thanks so much! I filed a bug report with our engineers.


Not sure what’ve changed but we started receiving all the notifications. Today I don’t see any missing, every single gets delivered. Thanks.