Skip builds for named branches



Is there a way to just skip builds for named branches?

In my flow I push master -> production and develop -> beta.
And then I let Azure App Service watch those branches and build and deploy my project on their side.

Is there a way to check if the current branch is production or beta and skip building those?
As I have just tested it on master or develop and Azure doesn’t care if the tests are done anyway it feels unnecessary to run tests there.

I have used the “only build pull requests” option for now but that doesn’t seem right"


1.0 supports branch ignoring, but it’s not available for 2.0 yet. No ETA, but it will definitely be supported.

You can manually check the branch before running commands, but it’s certainly less than ideal. I’m sorry we don’t have a better solution on 2.0 today.


I totally understand, you have a lot to do and this is not top priority. I guess your servers just have to do a bit more work. :wink:


Whitelisting and blacklisting of branches is now supported on 2.0 using 2.0 config syntax:


Can it only skip workflows or jobs, not builds? If so, your answer is misleading.


I’m confused about your question. A workflow job is a build; there is no distinction.

In addition this response was from 11 months ago which predates workflows.