Simplify selection of specific database version


I would like to see a feature for choosing specific versions of a particular database. Currently, CircleCI (on Ubuntu 14.04) has both Postgres 9.4 and 9.5 installed, but only uses 9.4 by default. In order to use Postgres 9.5 working, I had to add the following commands to the web ui’s project settings (Project settings > Dependency Commands > Post-dependency commands):

sudo service postgresql stop 9.4
sudo sed -i "s/port = ..../port = 5432/g" /etc/postgresql/9.5/main/postgresql.conf
sudo cp -v /etc/postgresql/9.{4,5}/main/pg_hba.conf && sudo service postgresql restart 9.5
sudo su - postgres -c "echo \"create user ubuntu with password '';\" | psql" 
sudo su - postgres -c "echo \"create database ubuntu;\" | psql"
sudo su - postgres -c "echo \"grant all privileges on database ubuntu to ubuntu;\" | psql"

Request: Postgres 9.5

The PostgreSQL version issue is now fixed in the latest release of our 14.04 image. 9.5.3 is now the only version running (both server and client) by default.

If you need 9.4, please see this post: Request: Postgres 9.5

Re: simpler selection of database versions as a feature request, that still stands :slight_smile: