Silent failure when using workflows


TL;DR I’m getting no new builds on CircleCI after adding workflows to my YAML config.


Firstly, congrats to the CircleCI team on the release of workflows :raised_hands:. As soon as I saw the blog post I wanted to give it a go - and so my troubles begin… Basically, after adding workflows, I’m getting no new builds on CircleCI.

I’ve been using circle for a while now and have a pretty solid understanding of the 2.0 configuration. When adding workflows, I followed the doc carefully (
I’d also checked my YAML is valid here (
I tried the running the CircleCI CLI tool on it - no complaints (although it only did run the first job in my list? does the CLI support workflows?)
Finally, for sanity I checked that my webhooks were okay between BitBucket and CircleCI - no issues there either.

I can privately share my config.yaml on request.

Any help would be muchos appreciado.


Sorry that you are having issues. Please send us an email at


You have an invalid configuration. If you were to share your Workflows snippet, it likely has an indentation issue next to requires.

It should look like this - note the additional indents before requires:

version: 2.0
  - build:
        enabled: true
        - type: checkout
        - type: shell
          name: Say Hello
          command: |
            echo "Hello There"
  - test:
        - type: shell
          name: Say Goodbye
          command: |
            echo "Hello Goodbye"

  version: 2.0
    - build
    - test:
          - build


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