Setup_remote_docker taking 90 seconds


I just started building on 2.0 today and I’m consistently getting run times of between 80-100 seconds for the setup_remote_docker step of my build. The response is error free. My primary container is node:7.8.0 in a single build container.

Is this a reasonable time to expect?



No, that’s pretty high. It is expected to take a little bit but over a minute is higher than I anticipate. Maybe there was low availability this morning.


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if it persists. Are there any environmental settings within my script that could affect it?


No, your environment doesn’t impact that step.


Hi there,
ran at ~10 secs this morning, which seems more manageable.


80+ seconds seems to be normal for me, which effectively makes CI2 much slower than version 1 for me.


@tachekent Can you give us an update? I am still seeing setup_remote_docker taking over 90 seconds on average today.