Setup_remote_docker runs, but docker failing to connect



I’ve got a job that needs to build a docker image on a primary container that has the docker on it already, so I’ve configured it like so:
`- setup_remote_docker

  • run:
    name: Docker build
    command: |
    docker build -t org/name .`

Probably most important bit to point out is that right after I ask for a remote docker I try to use it.
Around ~20% of the time or so my next docker command fails with
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at tcp://x.x.x.x:2376. Is the docker daemon running?
It appears that setup_remote_docker exits before the remote host is fully ready sometimes. Is this expected behavior, or should I be doing this differently?


We’ve had some of our builds failing with this same issue, starting 4-5 hours ago.


Can you provide some builds where this happened? This is unexpected and I want to have as many data points as I can get.


Sure, all of these failed with the issue today.


@rohara I also saw another strange error that I think is unrelated and don’t want to hijack this thread, but I’ll let you be the final judge of the relatedness. I sent the info in a DM.


Sent some in DM. Tinkering with a few projects today to put them on 2.0 and even with this I’m a fan so far :+1:


Seeing the same thing here too, random failures of connecting to docker daemon


All the builds I’ve received have been escalated to our engineers. This is definitely a new problem starting today. We’ll get it resolved ASAP.