"Setup a remote Docker engine" is slow ">90 secs"



Is anyone else seeing issues with the “Setup a remote Docker engine” build step on 2.0 configurations?

It’s taking more than 90 seconds on each build, just for this step which is more than the builds took on v1 configuration. :confused:


They probably have to launch an actual machine instance that it runs on.

Unless they improve this, it might not be worth going to 2.0, even with having docker layer caching.


Very sorry about the docker machine instability earlier in the week. We shipped many improvements to the docker engine creation process late this week and it should be way more reliable and faster. In the last 24 hours, the creation failure rate has been under 0.02% and provision time was 7 seconds or less 97% of builds .

Let me know if this doesn’t match your experience or you have any more questions.

"Setup a remote Docker engine" consistently takes 70+ seconds

I’m still seeing this step take a while, 1:37 and 1:32 on two consecutive builds today.


Most of my builds take more than 70 seconds today.
It makes CIrcleCI Workflows much slow.


It’s constantly taking 65 seconds for me - almost like clockwork
(and that is, definitely not 7 seconds :frowning:


Takes about 2 minutes for my team in the last dozen of builds. Would love to get it down to 7 sec!
We are using the reusable: true though.


We’re seeing the same behavior. 90 second times to allocate an engine and occasionally even failures with:

Allocating a remote Docker Engine
Assigned Docker Engine request id: 2090787
waiting …

Got error while creating host: VM creation failed
We had an unexpected error preparing a VM for this build, potentially due to our infrastructure or cloud provider. Please retry the build in a few minutes.

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