Setfacl failing for images running on the docker 18.09.1 engine


We’ve noticed lately that our images are getting spun up randomly on two different versions of docker engine: 18.09.1 & 17.05.0-ce.

The reason we noticed this is that our build incorporates some setfacl commands, which fail with the message Operation not supported, but only when the build is run using the 18.09.1 engine.

Any help with this would be awesome.



We have the same problem when using the setfacl and it is breaking our builds.
Is there a way to specify the old engine to be used?

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Now I think of it, we have experienced a similar problem a few weeks back when changing our ECS optimized AMIs ( from “Amazon Linux AMI” to “Amazon Linux 2”. I’m guessing CircleCI is also migrating to “Amazon Linux 2” on their backend, causing these problems. At that point the docker engines were both on 18.xx, but after long searching “Amazon Linux 2” was root cause for setfacl no longer to work inside Docker.

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We have exactly the same issue. It was intermittent, and today it has become every build.

Passing builds are using:

Build-agent version 1.0.10758-83ab9dd3 (2019-04-23T21:32:40+0000)
Docker Engine Version: 17.05.0-ce
Kernel Version: Linux 26fed89657f8 4.4.0-144-generic #170~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 18 15:02:05 UTC 2019 x86_64 Linux

and failing:

Build-agent version 1.0.10778-32cf057b (2019-04-25T19:00:27+0000)
Docker Engine Version: 18.09.1
Kernel Version: Linux 3322d167a4df 4.15.0-1035-aws #37-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 18 16:15:14 UTC 2019 x86_64 Linux
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