Send Webhook Notification on Build Start


Sent a request email and was redirect here by Lev Lazinskiy!

I’ve been integrating a build monitoring tool with CI platforms. I’ve come to understand that CircleCI only sends webhook notifications for builds when the jobs are done. This is unfortunate for me because I’m looking to process information on a build at the start of a build as well!

Travis can send webhook notifications for the events: “on_success, on_failure, on_start” (and similarly Jenkins) and I’m hoping to get CircleCI to do the same!


Thanks for the suggestion, this seems like a super useful feature!


:thumbsup: We really want this :slight_smile:


+💯! I’d really like to have this! It would really improve the reporting we currently do to our Slack channel so we have better insights in to what’s going on without having to open yet another screen or browser tab.


Added another topic that is very similar to this, but not exactly the same. Besides start I’d also want notifications for each step that runs. Build webhook notifications for starting a build and for each step as it goes