Select email address to send to based on GitHub repo organization

I’ve got both company projects and personal projects on CircleCI and I’d like the emails to go to an email account based on what org the repo is in. That is to say, if a project in a repo in my employer’s GitHub organization fails, I want the email to go to my work email account and if a project not in an organization fails, I want the email to go to my personal account. Ideally it would work like GitHub’s notification custom routing.


I would love to see CircleCI simply use the existing GitHub API to figure out where my notifications already go for the repo being tested, and send build notifications there too!


+1, I currenlty have to make advanced filters based on the subject etc. Would be good to automatize this.

I don’t know what are the rules for interaction here and whether you should stay at “liking” a request, but in case they are like GitHub issues: +1.

The Circle team would prefer you like feature requests, that is how they judge demand/interest :smile:

This is a rather important feature for me. I work for a consulting firm and help setup my clients build systems. I would prefer if all emails either followed GitHub’s routing or defaulted to the primary address. As of now build failure notifications don’t go to my primary email.

I’d very much like to see this before I’d pay to move my personal, and company projects to a paid plan.

I don’t quite care of this follows rules from github, but an option to configure which email address to use for which organisation (or perhaps even per repository) would be very useful. Like several others here I tend to with multiple organisations and some private repositories, and I use separate email accounts for each. Right now all CircleCI email ends up in a single mailbox, instead of the mailbox for the correct organisation.

We are excited to announce that we have shipped support to send email notifications to different email addresses based on your organization. Please navigate to the following link to update your settings.