Schema / linter for circle.yml files



I noticed in this Github PR that the schema for the circle.yml files seems to be changing to add a compile step:

Might CircleCI share the exact schema for circle.yml files?

Might CircleCI build a tool to lint circle.yml files with clear errors? Might it use the exact same tool internally when validating configuration, so that errors are predictable and users could even look into an open source repo’s code to better understand them?

Might CircleCI version changes to the circle.yml schema, with a clear changelog (say, a public repo’s history)?



Regarding the compile: step, that has always been there, but undocumented. We have not made any changes to the circle.yml scheme, but things will be changing with CircleCI 2.0 and we will work to make sure that those changes have clear and complete documentation.


Thanks for the additional info! I didn’t realize compile had been supported before.

Still, I’m hoping that you’ll go beyond just documentation and provide linting and formal schemas, to make working with circle.yml files even more robust.



@TheRealJoeLinux has created a third-party CLI tool that, among other things, validate the circle.yml file, if you want to take a look. CircleCLI Command Line Tool (cross-platform)

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