Scheduled build ignored a commit in between triggers

I’m not 100% sure this is a bug - maybe it was just a one-time glitch - but thought it was worth bringing up, if only for my own understanding.

I saw some unexpected behavior today:

  1. A scheduled (nightly) build ran
  2. Two hours later, a commit-triggered build ran
  3. The next nightly build ran, but was using the Git SHA from the last nightly build

I would have expected that the second nightly build would have been using the Git SHA from the latest commit (the commit that triggered the commit-triggered build that happened during the day).

Any ideas? I’m probably not explaining it well, so here is a link to the builds, where you can easily see the SHAs that were used. I’m referring to builds 115, 116, 117.

Actually, please disregard this question. I believe that this may have been due to someone manually re-running a previous build, in which case the behavior would not be unexpected.

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