Running protractor/selenium tests against container


I’ve been trying to run protractor tests against a docker image built inside circleCI. The image is built and run inside a remote docker, however when I try to access the image I can connect to the application. I’ve seen some posts saying not to run against a docker image inside docker remote because it won’t work. But, if I have to build the image in docker remote and run it inside docker remote, how can I test it other way if it’s not inside docker remote? This is the part of the config.yml file that runs the tests (this is inside docker remote):

  - run:
      name: Start Admin
      command: |
        rm -Rf postgres/
        BUILD_ACTION=re-install-automation AUTOMATION_INSTANCE=true docker-compose up
      background: true 
  - run:
      name: Run protractor tests
      command: |
        sleep 90
        protractor automation/conf.js

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