Run phpunit tests in parallel


I’m trying to run a set of tests in parallel ( phpunit). The docs directions will not work out of the box is my guess.
$(circleci tests glob “/tests/Functional/Tests/**/*Test.php” | circleci tests split)

Did anyone implement the above and had to do changes to convert it to the pattern that phpunit accepts ? (–filter pattern) . did the splitting actually work after converting to the pattern needed?


You can split by classnames and timings like the following example:

cat my_php_test_classnames | circleci tests split --split-by=timings --timings-type=classname


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How to execute PHPUnit tests in parallel?

Hi @deepa2083,

As far as I can tell, circleci tests glob and circleci tests split are incompatible with PHPUnit, as it is not possible to pass a list of filenames to phpunit. The only close match—--filter, as you identified—only accepts a REGEX match of classnames, which is not something that our native test-splitter can output.

Re-opening this in case anyone has had a different experience using PHPUnit and circleci tests split. If we can verify that it’s not currently possible, from there we can try to get some work done on our test-splitter to mitigate this issue, and also for the timebeing update our documentation to make it explicit that not all test-runners are compatible.